Greetings Jill, and thank you for having me today.

My pleasure! Let me pour you a cup of tea and we’ll get started. I’m serving your lovely Tostado Salads today with the Berry Shortcakes for dessert. Thanks so much for including the recipes that readers can find at the end of the interview.

1. Where do you live and tell us a little about yourself?

Currently we, my husband, myself and chocolate lab Sandy live in Bremerton, Washington which is across the sound from Seattle. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and brought up with two brothers. Herb, five years older and my 11-1/2 month younger brother John. Most of my family is no longer in Texas but scattered around. My older brother lives in Wyoming with his wonderful wife Diane while my younger brother John lives in Colorado at the top of the Grand Mesa with his wife Lucinda. Our beautiful daughter Kecia and husband Jonathan also live in Colorado far too far away! My husband, Douglas and I just celebrated our Twenty fourth (24th) wedding anniversary last week on the 6th of August. Doug has been the extraordinary man in my life always standing by my side and caring for me while ill without ever a complaint. He recently retired just before our extraordinary journey to Ireland and keeps reminding me what retirement is suppose to mean! Doug, Mamie, Kecia, Jonathan. Together we have owned a candy store where we manufactured all our own chocolates to include 33 flavors truffles, founded the American Diabetes Association where we held fund raisers one of which was aboard the USSCarl Vinson and the first of it’s kind in history and after retirement, started Imported hand knit Irish Woollen knits while finishing my first book.

2. Are you a traditionally published or Indie author?

I am an Indie author. I own all my own rights, bought my ISBN and am not connected to any publishing house. I contracted out my layout, professional editing, and finally found my own printer for my books. A lot of work but I am in control of my own destiny.

3. What are your hobbies?

The only hobby I have is quilting. The last quilt I finished was about six months ago but one year I got ambitious or crazy-made 13 quilts for
Christmas gifts and burned myself out for a while. Now, my hobby is writing and I love it. Fortunately, I can write whenever I want as long as I have time after promoting, blogging and answering e-mails!

4. Tell us about your current book. What was your inspiration? 

My book, Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler started out as a journal. My husband and I have been married twenty (24) four years and most of that time, I fell ill to the crippling effects of Diabetic complications. The complications were tremendous and I was unable to work for years. He never once complained taking are of me with every kind emotion anyone could have. One day I woke up and felt like I was new again. God had granted me a whole new life. After seeing my doctors they agreed that it was unbelievable and yes I could plan a vacation. That is what I had asked them because I wanted to surprise my husband with a retirement vacation like we had not been able to take before. Secretly, I planned this trip keeping a journal with where to go and tours to see. My friends had ask me if for Christmas (after we had taken our trip) to gift them a copy of my journal with photographs we had taken in Ireland. As I was rewriting the journal for this one friend Cathy, I decided to turn it into my dream to write a book. So my book was born. Douglas, my husband was my inspiration. My book takes you on a journey to Ireland for a three (3) week adventure that tells you what we found for the best value for your money, where to stay, tours to take, what to pack, weather, rental cars, and an in-depth history of each location we visited so you can decide if that is where you want to spend your vacation dollars. I have included over 160 color images and 249 plus pages in a 6 x 9 format. I also negotiated special offers exclusive for the owner of my book that will save them hundreds of dollars.

5. How did you become a writer? When did you start?

I have always loved to write and started in high school writing poetry. I did not ever follow up on it but tried over a fifteen (15) year period to write a book about a tough subject. I could not get the words out so I laid it down many times. My book about Ireland has now given me the courage to get my original book finished and I believe I have finally found my voice.

6. How long did it take you to finish your first book?

It took me two (2) years from the time I started researching Ireland to the time it was published. I hired a publishing coach, Patrick Snow and attended his classes beginning in late October 2011 and with his help, put my work together, had it professionally edited by Tyler Tichelaar, book published and in my hands by December 31, 2011 for distribution in January 2012!! And so excited!

7. Where do you like to write?

My favorite place to write is at the beach or ocean side but mostly, I sit in my recliner with my IPad and write out my notes. Then, I sit and hand write out my thoughts before transferring them to my computer where I then spend hours writing.

8. Favorite authors?

I do not have a favorite author. I have not been a real good reader except for short stories for years until I began my research for my Ireland book. Now, I enjoy reading history. I also belong to an authors group and am enjoying reading some of the fine books written by my friends.

9. How many books have you written, so far? Do you plan to write more?

This was my first book Jill, but yes I do plan to write more. I am currently writing a book whose title I believe will be Mamie also a follow up on Ireland to include Northern Ireland and try my hand at short stories in between. I am also toying with another book I will title The Man I Married.

10. Would you like to share a link where you can purchase your books?

Oh yes, thank you I am delighted you ask! My book can be purchased in a few locations. The paperback copy can be purchased at my web site which is: I have a PayPal account set up for convenient ordering.

My book, Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler is also available anywhere E-Books are sold. Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble for Nook, Readers Store for Sony Readers, Apple iBookstore for IPad, KOBO, Copia, Gardners, Baker and Taylor, and eBookPie.

Here are a few of the links:
Barnes and Noble:
Readers Store for Sony:

11. What about a link to your blogs?

Thank you for asking Jill. I would like to invite anyone to visit my blogs at: 

I would sincerely love to thank you for this opportunity to talk about my book. In giving talks with a Toastmasters group, it is not hard to fill up my time allowance talking about my book-it’s just so exciting, almost like visiting Ireland all over again. I hope to do that in 2013 leading a tour group and writing my second book about Ireland. Thanks again, and someday, I would love to serve you tea peach tea!

Sounds delightful! Rosemary, it was a delight to have you today and I wish you great success in all your writing endeavors.

We’d like to thank you for joining us today by giving away a free copy of Rosemary’s book. If you’d like a chance to win a hard copy of EXTRAORDINARY DREAMS OF AN IRELAND TRAVELER, please leave a comment with your email and follow “Queen of Afternoon Tea.” The drawing will be held Monday, August 20, 2012 and the lucky winner will be notified by e-mail. Good luck!

Here are Rosemary Adkins’ recipes.

 Mamie’s Tostado Salad


1.50 pounds 85% lean ground beef
1-large can Refried Beans
Iceberg Lettuce-1/2 chopped
Butter lettuce-3 leaves chopped
Mini bell peppers-3 each red, yellow,
orange cut in long strips
Small White onion-diced
4- Tomatoes- diced
1-Bunch green onions
2 Avacados-Scoop out and in a bowl smash until creamy
4 Tostado Shells
Grated Cheddar Cheese
Guacamole Package mix
Juice from fresh lemon
Salt and Pepper to taste
Basil leaves-fresh (3)
Taco Seasoning Mix- follow package instructions
Mexican sour creme

To Prepare:

In a skillet add olive oil and brown 3/4 of the onion. Add the ground beef and cook until well done. While the meat is cooking, slice and dice all the vegetables above. Cut the avocados in half and scoop out the contents into a bowl adding the juice of one lemon and mash until creamy then adding 1/2 diced tomato, a small amount of the diced onion and 3 tablespoons of sour creme. Cover tightly and refrigerator. We have a favorite restaurant we buy freshly made large tostado bowls and you can usually find a deli in Safeway that will cook them for you or a restaurant.

In a microwave/oven safe sauce pan add refried beans, 1/4 of the diced onion. Add 1 diced tomatoe, add 3 tablespoons of salsa and a handful of cheese. Cook in microwave until hot. Then place in preheated oven until ready to use. Now that everything is cooked and diced, take the tostado shells and place on dinner plates and fill the bottom in a thin layer of shredded cheese followed by refried beans and ground beef -about 6 tablespoons of each. Now Add chopped lettuce mixing the two lettuces until tostado bowls are 3/4 full. Divided for the 4 tostado bowls top with cheese followed by bell peppers, green onions, diced tomatoes and top with a large tablespoon of guacamole.

Jill, I love fresh ingredients so for dessert today I thought it would be nice while fresh blueberries and strawberries are in season to buy the small cakes sold in the grocery stores for shortcakes.

Mamie’s Fresh Fruit Shortcake

Peach low fat yogurt
1-medium box fresh strawberries
1 small box of blueberries
Canned whip cream
Raw sugar
Watkins vanilla-1tbsp-optional

Rinse your berries together and place in a bowl. Then reserve 4 strawberries to top the finished desserts. While they are wet, dip in the raw sugar and refrigerate. Cut the remaining strawberries lengthwise in quarters and add to the whole blueberries and cover with raw sugar adding the 1 tablespoon of vanilla (optional). I use raw sugar as it taste a bit like honey and the natural sweetness of the fruit comes alive. After it sets up for a couple of hours, it is ready to use.

Now comes the fun! Take your cakes and place one on each dish and using a butter knife smooth the peach yogurt inside each cup allowing it to spill over. Now add fruit mixture and top with whipped cream. Repeat again so it is two layers high. Finish with whip cream and top with the refrigerated whole strawberry.

Now enjoy!

Thank you again Jill for having me.


23 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra McLeod Humphrey
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 13:20:01

    WOW–great interview, great book, and great recipes! Mamie’s book is incredible in its coverage, its gorgeous photos, and its anecdotal material–I don’t think she’s missed a thing. Some books you give away after your bookshelves become too full, but this is one book I’ll never give away! Thanks Jill, Thanks, Mamie!


    • Rosemary Adkins
      Aug 15, 2012 @ 00:55:19

      Hi Sandy!
      You are such a dear supporter and I love that I am able to hold your attention. You are such a devoted author to support so many and I am proud that you consider my book one you will keep.
      Blessings Always,


  2. Nancy Jill Thames
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 13:50:04

    You are very welcome Sandra! Nice to hear from you again.

    ~Nancy Jill Thames
    “Queen of Afternoon Tea”
    Author of the Jillian Bradley Mysteries


  3. linneann
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 14:00:00

    Great interview, beautiful book, and the recipes look delicious.


  4. deirdret
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 15:50:32

    Rosemary, I loved reading about how the book came to be. I am very intrigued by the book you put down and hope that you bring it to life one day! I can’t wait to read Extraordinary Dreams, it’s the next on my list! God bless you with good health and many sales! You are such a dear. Jill, thank you for bringing Rosemary to tea, she is precious to us and so kind to mention the author’s group! Deirdre (


    • Rosemary Adkins
      Aug 15, 2012 @ 01:04:13

      Thank you Deirdre,
      My new book is coming along fairly well and with any luck, it may be ready by Christmas for release. I am excited that you are about to read my book as I had such a wonderful time writing about this journey filled with memories.
      The recipes were also a lot of fun to create and hope you enjoy each bite!

      Thank you for your support.


    • Nancy Jill Thames
      Aug 15, 2012 @ 08:09:03

      Hi Deirdre,

      Having Rosemary for tea was a pleasure! Makes one really want to visit Ireland, doesn’t it?

      ~Nancy Jill


  5. Micki Peluso
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 22:07:59

    Rosemary, you have done it again–succeeded in making an interview a delight to read, stirred my appetite with your delicious recipes and reminded me once more how wonderful your book is–with beautiful pictures and anecdotes of history, legends and Lore of the wondrous “Emerald Isle”. It shares a treasured place on my book shelves, signed by you, along with the books of other author friends’ books. I eaferly await your next writing endeavor as I know it will be a winner.



    • Rosemary Adkins
      Aug 15, 2012 @ 01:09:41

      Hi Micki,
      I am honored that my book now sits on your book shelf as you are such an accomplished author. Your continued support means a lot to me and I look forward to sharing all stories and books with you in the future.
      Thank you for your encouraging words.


  6. Sandy Nachlinger
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 22:51:19

    What a terrific interview! Not only did I learn more about Rosemary (I didn’t know she was a quilter — I am too!), but I also now have two delicious recipes to try. Thank you, Jill, for featuring this delightful author and her beautiful book.


  7. Nancy Jill Thames
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 08:26:16

    Hi Sandy,

    You are most welcome! It’s nice to hear you liked the interview and recipes. Happy quilting!

    ~Nancy Jill Thames Author of the Jillian Bradley Mysteries “Queen of Afternoon Tea”

    This is in reply to Sandy Nachlinger’s comment:

    What a terrific interview! Not only did I learn more about Rosemary (I didn’t know she was a quilter — I am too!), but I also now have two delicious recipes to try. Thank you, Jill, for featuring this delightful author and her beautiful book.


    • Rosemary Adkins
      Aug 15, 2012 @ 16:47:28

      Hi Sandy,
      You are such a joy to see here. Thank you for supporting this interview and my book. I hope you subscribed to Nancy’s site so she will know who you are for the drawing. Please keep returning and reading my blogs posted every Friday (usually) and leaving your comments!


  8. catnipoflife
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 14:49:06

    I am so thankful for reading this interview. I have been following Rosemary but this interview provided additional insights into her life and writing. The book is already on my wish list but will just have to wait until after the drawing. In case I do not win the copy, Rosemary be ready to autograph one for me for its purchase is next!


  9. Rosemary Adkins
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 16:49:57

    Hey there Sharla! Be sure to come through me direct if your name is not drawn so I can offer you a discount!! Thank you for your support of this fun interview with Nancy Jill Thames. She is so delightful to work with and serves a grand cup of tea!


  10. Peggy Strack (@pegmmg)
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 18:08:14

    Rosemary ~ It was so nice getting to know you through this interview. What a life!!! All the best with your writing endeavors. ~ Peggy


    • Nancy Jill Thames
      Aug 15, 2012 @ 19:55:54

      From Peggy:

      On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 6:08 PM, Nancy Jill Thames Queen of Afternoon Tea wrote:

      > ** > Peggy Strack (@pegmmg) commented: “Rosemary ~ It was so nice getting to > know you through this interview. What a life!!! All the best with your > writing endeavors. ~ Peggy” >


  11. Rosemary Adkins
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 20:02:41

    Hi Peggy,
    Thank you for visiting this interview. Nancy along with you have given me a chance ti become exposed through your writing and I will be forever grateful.
    Please do continue to follow my journey. I try to post every Friday although at times it is on Saturday.
    Many Blessings,


  12. Jackie Layton
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 10:09:55

    I love the interview. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks!

    I’m so glad I found this blog!



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