Time to Unwind

How do you relax? Do you go online and do Facebook and Twitter? Do you go for a walk in this crisp fall air? Or do you pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy a snack along with it, pausing to reflect at how your day is going (or went)?  For me, just the act of preparing a cup of tea and getting out a snack is enough to relax me and turn my mind away from work for a moment. Afterward, I’m ready to continue writing, do laundry, and prepare dinner for my husband and I. Do you work at night, after working all day? Why? Try an evening of pure rest and relaxation (only periodically checking your e-mail, Facebook and Twitter sites). You’ll sleep better and wake the next morning refreshed and ready to begin again. Really, try it! And let me know if you agree. Here I am with my dear friend enjoying a cup of coffee after we had dinner together in Blackhawk Plaza together last summer. Relaxing is a good thing.


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