Have a Cup of Tea and Relax a Moment

Please come into my site and find a comfortable place to sit. The fire is softly burning and the candle is lit. Would you care for some tea? I’ll put the kettle on to boil. As I hot the pot and place the tea bags inside (were having Lemon Ginger today), please tell me how you’re doing. Are you busy with the house? Children? Grandchildren? How’s work doing?

(Remember, at tea, we speak only of pleasant topics.)

The tea has steeped for five minutes. I’m ready to pour out. Milk? Sugar? One lump or two? (I take three.) I hand you a lovely china teacup filled with steaming tea and pour one out for myself. I offer you some tea sandwiches of herb butter, croissants filled with chicken salad and cucumber.

You take a sip of tea and a bite of the croissant sandwich. You share what’s happening in your life.

Won’t you have some pumpkin spice bread?

Please take a moment to think of all the good things that you’re experiencing right now. Leave a reply by clicking on the dialogue box to the left of the picture.

Thank you for stopping by. Blessings! Nancy Jill


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